COVID-19 info

højskole skilt

We will carry through our planned courses starting in autumn 2021 and spring 2022. We are ready to offer lots of sports and amazing experiences at Vejle Sports School.

Of course, there is extra focus on hygienic precautions. Teachers, janitors, cleaning staff and kitchen staff have prepared well and will continually adjust, so we are ready with arrangements, routines and ways to secure the setting for fantastic experiences.  

We are currently receiving registrations for the coming courses

You can expect that we will...

  • divide the students into "family groups" where distance requirements are revoked.
  • keep high hygienic standards in all common areas.
  • do our best to ensure sensible activities.
  • ensure high hygienic standards around meals. 
  • ensure regulations around the pool area - and keep the sauna closed.

We expect you to...

  • only enter our facilities if you feel well.
  • act responsible - cough in your sleeve, keep hands and points of contact clean.
  • test yourself regularly via the school programme
  • ensure ventilation and cleaning of your own rooms.
  • wipe off points of contact - like chairs, tables, equipment when leaving common areas like the dining hall.
  • stay with your family group during meal times or obey the distance requirement. 

If a student feels ill...

By any suspicion of COVID-19 the sick person must leave the school and take a COVID-19 test. If the test is positive, the family group and other close contacts must also leave the school. They can all return to the school when showing a negative COVID-19 test or after 48 hours without any symptoms. 

Ready for a stay filled with sports and personal development?